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Therapeutic areas of focus:

Cardiovascular disease - HTN and cardiovascular diseases are growing factors in the global burden of disease. Genetic and environmental factors may modify the efficacy of therapeutics for these diseases. We are committed to working with innovative approaches to these diseases and including African populations in these trials.

Endocrinology – Diabetes and other metabolic and endocrine disorders are major causes of morbidity and mortality in Africa. We are committed to working with study sponsors evaluating therapeutics that can address these diseases for the world, and in African populations.

Oncology and Hematology – Cervical cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer are some of the leading causes of cancer morbidity in Africa. New innovations in these diseases and other malignancies may provide important clinical solutions and insights not only to Africans but to the world.

Pediatric and Adolescent Health - We have extensive experience conducting pediatric/adolescent research and are sensitive to the needs of the study participants and their families.

Infectious Diseases


Women's Health



Our Expertise

Clinical Research Services

  • Clinical trial site

  • Clinical operations

  • Project management 

  • Clinical Monitoring 

  • Medical Monitoring 

  • Laboratory and diagnostic services for clinical trials  

  • Quality Assurance 

  • Clinical Data Management  

  • Medical, Scientific and Regulatory Writing.

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